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The California Department of Education recently released scores for the 2016-17 CAASPP assessments which are taken by elementary students each year in grades 3-6 as a measure of progress toward grade level standards. The results for individual students had been mailed out earlier, but the recent release provides insight into the progress of schools and districts in assisting students to achieve the Common Core Standards. Once again, I am proud to announce that Reese School is demonstrating steady progress in providing a high-quality education for our students!

For the 2016-17 school year, 55% of the Reese students who took the CAASPP assessment at their grade level in English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking) met or exceeded the standards on the assessment. In Math, 49% of our students met or exceeded the grade level standards. Each of these scores marked and increase in the percentage of students from previous years in meeting or exceeding the standards, with the ELA improving one percent each of the past three years of CAASPP testing, and math showing increases from 45% in 2015 to 48% in 2016 before achieving the 49% in this year’s assessment. These assessments point to steadily increasing educational progress for Reese students in both ELA and math.

By comparison, 49% students across the state met or exceeded grade level standards in ELA, and 42% of Lodi Unified District students met or exceeded the ELA standards according to the 2017 CAASPP testing results. In math, 38% statewide and 32% of LUSD students met or exceeded standards on this year’s assessment. The scores reflect that Reese School is among the leaders in LUSD in students who meet or exceed standards in both curricular areas.

While we are proud of the achievement of our students on the statewide testing, we realize that we must do more to continue to support our students in the educational process. This year, each class is providing a computer-based intervention (Dream Box) to help support students in grasping math concepts at the student’s level, while also providing additional intervention in math fluency to help speed up the automaticity of mathematical knowledge for those students who need a boost. In ELA, primary students are provided iREAD to help accelerate their mastery of reading, while some teachers will be providing SIPPS intervention for selected students after school to enhance their reading abilities. In upper grades, System 44 and READ 180 are used to support struggling readers to catch up to grade level standards in ELA. Additionally, the GATE program and AVID curriculum provide structure, experience and challenging curriculum for advancing students. At Reese, our staff extends itself to provide all we can to help our students achieve and excel educationally as we work together to shape excellent citizens for our community!


Mr. Odell, Principal




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Today: 11/18/17

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