A Message from the Principal

March, 2017


At Reese School, we have a two-pronged vision: On the one hand, our goal is to provide the educational experiences that will equip our students to meet or exceed their grade level standards. Academic excellence is our target in our classroom instruction, guided practice to mastery and all projects or assignments that enrich learning. The other part of our vision is to help develop character in our students, enabling them to become positive contributors to our community.

This second part of our vision (character-development) is perhaps the more difficult step. At school, we cannot fully shape a child into a model citizen. There are so many other factors (genetic issues, health concerns, trauma, home or family functioning) that impact the development of a child; but the school can be a major contributor in providing a healthy, safe environment in which to enhance personal growth.

On March 1st, we will be having a character assembly for all students. The presentation is called “Character Counts Assembly” and is produced by a nationally-known expert in this area, Obadiah Thomas. This assembly is one of many ways in which we seek to keep the message of the importance of life skills in front of our students. Life skills and work ethics are scored on the report card to help parents stay informed on the development we are seeing at school for each student. Each teacher has constant conversations with students regarding their choices and the consequences which they bring.

Perhaps the strongest single contributing factor in children developing positive life skills is the example of the parent. It is vital that we, as parents, are constantly aware that our children’s values are more “caught” than “taught”. The way we treat people, speak about others, express our emotions all are shaping the way our children see the world and approach it. Please make sure that your personal attitudes provide a positive perspective for your children as they see how you address their teachers and other authority figures or handle hostility or opposition. The way you act in these situations will largely determine the quality of your children’s character. Thank you helping us develop your children into positive contributing citizens for our community!


Mr. Odell, Principal


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