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One of the “buzz words” in education these days is “RIGOR”. We hear of the “rigor” in the statewide SBA assessments used to measure each students’ annual growth academically, or of the “instructional rigor” required in classrooms for students to master grade level standards.

In these contexts, “rigor” does not mean “strictness, harshness, or severity”, as Webster defines it; nor does it refer to “hardship of living conditions; austerity”, or making more work for the students. Rather, in educational circles, “rigor” refers to the expectation that each student will learn at a high-levels. It implies the use of instructional techniques that require students to develop their higher-level thinking skills in the classroom.

This year at Reese, our teaching staff is focused on increasing the “rigor” in the classroom for our students. We are working specifically on asking rigorous, higher-level questions which, in turn, require the student to engage in higher-level thinking.

From the AVID program at Reese, our teachers have received training on the 3 levels of questioning:

  • Level 1 questions ask for information that can be found directly in the text itself; details or facts.
  • Level 2 questions ask the student to think beyond the text; to use reasoning beyond what is written; to problem-solve, compare / contrast, or make inferences based upon the text.
  • Level 3 questions ask for the student to extend their thinking; to create / produce something from their understanding or to take the concept and apply it to another situation.

Our teachers this year are working to ask comprehension questions at the higher levels; increasing the level of thinking required by the student from merely reading what is written, to understanding what can be inferred, and, using their reasoning skills, applying the learning in different contexts. This is the type of thinking that is required not only on the year-end assessments, but also to have success in our modern, global society.

This year, please join with us in helping your children to develop their reasoning skills by asking “higher-level questions” at home, as well. In this way, together we are teaching them to reason / think in all situations. By increasing the “rigor” for our students, we are better preparing them to be productive citizens in our community as they grow to maturity.



Mr. Odell



Today: 2/25/17

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