Happy New Year! We are excited to welcome 2014 at Reese School! There are so many great challenges before us that we anticipate an exciting year ahead!

Of course, one of the new challenges is in our continued preparation for the recently-adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that are being implemented in classrooms throughout this school year. Our fantastic staff of teachers continues to painstakingly work on adjusting both their instructional techniques and the curriculum they teach to prepare our students for a successful transition to the CCSS at each grade level. Reese teachers are requiring increased amounts of writing and are working to develop higher-level critical thinking skills in their students as we equip them for achieving grade level standards and prepare them for success in the 21st century world.

One of our goals as we endeavor to make this transition to the CCSS is to help our students improve in their study habits. We are hoping to instill into our students the idea of striving for excellence; the idea that doing “good enough” is not good enough. We need to be constantly striving to be the best that we can be and to do the best that we can do. This will not only help our students succeed in academic testing, but it will become a life-long characteristic that will make them effective in whatever pursuits they may have in their lives. Our Reese Student Handbook states that our vision is that “Reese School will prepare educated, exemplary citizens to make a positive impact in our community.” The development of students who “strive for excellence” is a key component in fulfilling our school’s stated vision.

Toward that end, we ask that each family work with us in developing that inner quality within each student to strive to do the best they can in everything they do. This includes such factors as arriving at school “on time” each day, ready to learn; completing assignments that meet the expectations of the teacher, not just the student; taking the extra effort to do homework assignments well in order to learn from them, not just rushing to “get it done”. Such habits, instilled early in elementary school, will serve to shape the lives our children into adults who find success in all pursuits throughout their lives!

Thank you for your support in this worthwhile endeavor for our students!

Gary Odell. Principal