A Message from the Principal

April, 2018


Dear Parents:

Once again this month, the newspapers have been filled with stories of violence and safety concerns on school campus across the nation. Here, in our own Central California area, we have heard of lockdowns, threats, weapons on school campuses, and police involvement in student issues. As a school administrator, I am deeply troubled by these stories and what they say about our society as well as the risks our students face at school daily.

Elementary Schools are comparatively unaffected by many of these incidents. There seems to be a greater portion of adolescent students who are involved in the acts of violence that we hear about regularly. But we are aware that often times, the seeds that lead to problems in our High Schools are planted during the Elementary years. A failure to learn how to positively relate to others in Elementary School may result in negative choices in later years of education. For that reason, I would like to share a few thoughts on how to deal with incidents of harassment or intimidation happening at school that your child may share with you at home.

First, know that Reese school is doing all it can to educate and encourage students to relate together positively rather than negatively. We are consistently sharing through our words and life lessons how people should behave toward one another in a safe, relational way. Communicating these life skill lessons is done through assemblies, class instruction, posters, rewards and other reminders to all of our students. Additionally, students who violate others in their relationships are counseled, given opportunity to reflect, and provided consequences for their choices in order to further shape their understanding of treating others properly.

If a child expresses that they have encountered a negative relationship with a schoolmate, we begin by talking with that child to ensure that they understand how to deal with such situations. At times, this involves discussing how they may have contributed to some animosity, or how they might respond in a safe, productive way to the problem. We are aware that many times, there is more to the situation than is at first presented. During the investigation into the situation, we speak with those involved in order to resolve the problem, heal the relationships, and to take the steps necessary to keep the victim safe from further incidents with the offending student(s).

One major step that a parent may take to help when their child expresses concerns about mistreatment by another student at school is to let the school know as soon as possible. Whether the concern is communicated to a teacher who works with the children involved, or to an administrator, the student needs to know that adult staff is working with them (and for them) in resolving the situation and keeping them safe. Please let us know whenever your child expresses to you about negative school relationships; it will give us the opportunity to make sure that your child is safe and to teach everyone the tools we all need to relate together in a positive way. Thank you!


Mr. Odell



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