Dear Parents:

As we return from our Fall break, at Reese School, we continue to work on school safety issues. In October, we have two drills scheduled which are designed to prepare our students in case of various emergencies:

  • October 16 – The Great California Shakedown Drill combines an Earthquake (“Stop, Drop & Cover”) drill with an Evacuation (“Leave the building”) drill so that students can practice the procedures that would be needed in an actual earthquake emergency. This is an annual event throughout California held in remembrance of the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989.
  • October 30 – An Active Shooter Lockdown Drill, monitored by the district office and Lodi Police Department, helping us to assess our preparedness for dealing with an emergency should an active shooter enter the Reese campus. We want to make sure that both staff and students are prepared to respond appropriately in the event of any such situation.

Additionally, we are continuing to stress campus safety through our Anti-bullying campaign. On October 23rd, every class will be given a lesson on that topic as a part of our district’s “Anti-Bullying Day”. Then on October 24th we will be hosting some highly-engaging assemblies for all students encouraging them to become “bucket-fillers” who encourage others with positive words and actions. The week of October 27-31 is “Red Ribbon Week” when we emphasize a message of saying “No” to drugs. We are providing many opportunities for students at Reese to learn to live in a positive, safe and healthy way.

I am asking for parents to join with us in making Reese a positive, safe place to learn. One way we can all work together toward this goal is to be careful in the way we treat one another. At times, we all get frustrated or upset with things that don’t go our way or seem unfair to us. As a model for our children, we need to deal with such situations as positively and safely as possible. We must learn to choose our words carefully, avoiding unnecessary conflict and making our crucial conversations safe for everyone involved. In so doing, we provide our children with excellent models of positive interaction that will help them develop the skills they need to be safe in their lives as well. I hope that each of us will take the responsibility to model the safe behavior that we desire our students and children to emulate as they grow and learn at Reese.


Mr. Odell, Principal