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A Message from the Principal

This year, the Reese School theme is “Kindness Matters”. It is an appropriate theme for Reese, or any other institution at this time. We are living in a time where people are focused on themselves and their rights, feeling entitled to what they may want regardless of the cost to others. It is during times like these that we need to remind ourselves that kindness DOES matter!

Our vision / mission at Reese School is to “…prepare educated, exemplary citizens to make a positive impact in our community.” This mission involves not only “educating” by providing excellent instruction and experiences for grade level learning, but also preparing our students with the life skills necessary to impact our community through positive character. Character-building is not an easy process and it involves a team of people working together to model the life skills, teach good life skills, and to provide rewards or consequences to reinforce the learning. This means that character development requires consistency from both school and home.

Reese School is targeting the life skill of kindness this year for many reasons. We have been receiving training from LUSD that has provided convincing evidence that our students need kindness in order to fully develop themselves as students in the classroom. Furthermore, we all see the damaging effects on lives when people treat others with unkindness: broken people, societal anger, and personal tragedies. Bullying or other unkind treatment has led to divisions in our nation and immeasurable pain to our citizens. It is time that we rise up to address this, not with rhetoric and rebuke, but with a positive response of showing kindness in all our relationships.

I realize that no one is capable of perfect kindness in all circumstances; but we are focused, as a staff, on working to improve our kindness toward students, parents, and one another. We would ask of you, that you would join us in our effort, helping model for your children what kindness looks like, and reminding them of the need to treat others with kindness. Together, we can make a difference in our students’ lives, and, ultimately, our community as we send out students who understand the vital importance of demonstrating kindness at all times. Thank you!


Mr. Odell, Principal




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