Principal’s Message

A Message from the Principal

May, 2019

Changes are always a “given”; they happen whether we like them or not. Our world is constantly changing. Things at Reese are no different; changes happen, and especially with the end of a school year! Let me share a few of our changes at Reese for next year:

1. We are losing a few of our treasured staff members: Mrs. Hall (1st grade teacher) and Mrs. Reuscher (Librarian) are retiring; Mrs. Giannini (1st grade teacher) & Ms. Fyffe (3rd grade teacher) have found positions at other district schools for next year.

2. Some staff members are changing positions: Mrs. Hennecke is moving to Kindergarten; Mrs. Meehan to 1st grade. Mrs. Parks & Mrs. Shepherd both will be moving to third grade teaching positions.

3. We have added some new members to our staff for next year: Mrs. Turner & Mrs. Williams have both accepted our two open 4th grade positions. Mrs. Isaak will be coming to Reese to teach our READ 180 intervention classes next year. Over the summer, we will also be filling the Librarian position.

4. Work has begun on our new parking lot on the corner of Elm and Mills Streets. The work will be completed over the summer and be ready for next school year. This project is funded by the Measure U vote last year. It should provide Reese with parking for all staff members and visitors!

5. The House System that I wrote about last month in our newsletter is coming to Reese! All students will be randomly placed into a “house” at Reese in order to help build relationships across grade levels and to provide incentives for positive behavior. Each student will receive a free shirt and some other symbols of the house to which they belong at the beginning of next school year.

6. LUSD is rolling out the 1:1 program for electronic devices. All students, from 1st grade through 12th, will be assigned a device for which they are responsible. Parent may opt to allow their child to bring the device home at night for educational purposes, or they may opt to leave it at school. Either way, insurance will be made available by the district to cover any damage to the assigned chrome book.

Among the things that are not changing for next year are the high expectation for academic progress through great instruction and educational activities, a positive & safe learning environment, and a staff that is focused on kindness. We hope that this next year will be the best yet at Reese School!


Gary Odell, Principal