Principal’s Message

A Message from the Principal

November, 2018


The State of California has released the scores from the 2018 Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) which was taken by students last May. While most, if not all parents, have received their children’s scores earlier this year, reports are now available on each district and school in the State.

Once again this year, I am very proud of the results of Reese students on the statewide assessment for 2018. Our students continue to make progress in mastering grade level standards in the Common Core curriculum as measured by the SBA. Each year since the initial SBA testing in 2014-15, the percent of Reese students who scored at or above grade level standards has increased in both ELA and math.

This past year, 60% of Reese students scored at or above proficiency for their grade level in English Language Arts. Scores on the ELA SBA have increased from 53% in 2015, to 54% in 2016, to 56% in 2017 before leaping 4% upward this year. The consistent upward trend and the good increase this year is a tribute to the outstanding instruction provided by our Reese staff, as well as the wonderful support of our Reese families in working with their children to develop them academically. Thanks for all your work!

In math, the 2018 SBA also demonstrated growth for Reese students. Where as 45% of Reese students scored at or above grade level standards in math standards in 2015, the percent has grown from 48% in 2016, to 49% in 2017, This year, 51% of all Reese 3rd – 6th graders met or exceeded their grade level standards on the assessment! This is the first year in which more than half of our students have reached grade level in math.

By way of comparison, 43% of all LUSD students scored at or above grade level in ELA, and 32% in math, while the statewide scores were at 50% for ELA and 39% proficient or above in math. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the scores of our Reese students! We appreciate the efforts all of our families make at home to prepare, encourage, and support our students as they develop into the leaders and citizens of tomorrow!


Gary Odell, Principal