Principal’s Message

A Message from the Principal

October 2019

We have completed the first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year at Reese. We are off to a strong start to the year with the initiation of our House System and our recent "Lunch with a Loved One" event. There has been a positive feeling on campus as teachers and students have established the routines and procedures that allow learning to take place in an optimal environment. 

As we move into the second quarter, some additional changes will be coming to Reese:

  • Our Measure U Project is scheduled for completion during the Fall Break. The parking lot and drive-through will both be sealed and striped during the two week break. There will be additional signage and painting to help facilitate traffic flow. Please be careful to adhere to all rules regarding drop-off and pick-up so that we can make these events as safe as possible. Do not park in the "red zones" that are designated for buses or for visibility purposes; avoid blocking the sidewalks used by pedestrians as you make your way onto Elm Street. Our parents have done a great job with the new parking arrangements to this point; I appreciate your cautious approach when our students are present!
  • Our intervention programs are ready to begin with the outset of the second quarter. Our first and second grade teachers will be providing a powerful reading intervention program (SIPPS) for selected young readers, and selected third through sixth graders will be invited to attend Homework Clubs to provide assistance with both Math and ELA assignments. We hope these programs will assist our students to progress toward academic achievement this year.
  • Reese may be bringing back teams to compete in Science Olympiad! It has been a few years since Reese has entered a team in the event that encourages students to develop skills and knowledge in Science. Kim Nickel has offered to serve as the leader for the program, but it will require much support from parents and others to make it happen. If you are interested in volunteering to coach or assist with the program, we need to know very soon if we have the support we need to provide our students with this opportunity to experience Science through the Olympiad.

Thank you all for your support for Reese School and our students in helping provide them with the experiences they need to become future contributors to our community!


     Mr. Odell