Principal’s Message

A Message from the Principal

 December 2018

School attendance has always been held to be an important focus in education. After all, the more a student is engaged in good instruction and guided practice, monitored by a professional educator, the more you would expect the student to learn. That is the reason that we place such a high premium on each student being at school each day unless they are excused for illness.

Recently the California Department of Education has targeted attendance as one of the measures of progress for all public schools in the State. It is looked at along with such measures as SBA scores on ELA and Math, and graduation rates, to assess the progress of each school in California. This, again, is an indication of the value placed upon regular school attendance for all students.

Reese School consistently scores well in terms of attendance; and, yet, there is still room for improvement. Our current report for the month of November reflects that we have 29 students who are “chronically absent”, or not at school over 10% of the time. Out of the 72 days of school this year up to this time, these students have been out of class eight times or more! There were an additional 13 students who have missed at least 7 days this year, and 6.67% of our student body has missed at least 5 days of school.

The sad part of these statistics is that these “chronically absent” students are frequently among the ones who struggle the most academically. They have missed instruction and the cooperative classroom environment that facilitates learning. Often, there are major gaps in the learning they need to build on in the future as they progress through the grades due to the learning they have missed. The result is that they have put themselves at a major disadvantage for academic growth and life-long success.

This next quarter (January – March), we will be entering a friendly competition with one of our closest neighboring schools, Vinewood Elementary. Our two schools will be competing to see which school can achieve the greatest increase in the percent of students present during the 3rd quarter as compared to the 1st and 2nd quarters of this school year. The losing principal will have to wear the school shirt of the winning school for one day. I do not want to be seen in a Vinewood shirt! Please help Reese raise the percent of students who attend each day during the third quarter. Besides, it will help your children to get the most out of their education if they are here each day, all day! Thanks!


Gary Odell, Principal